Your Guide to Building a Successful Ad Network on CPXcenter (Part 1)

Part 1: Create Your Brand

If you want to build an ad network, and build it up to an ad empire, CPXcenter is the whitelabel ad network platform for your business. With no limit on the amount of advertisers or affiliates that can sign up to your network, CPXcenter can help you scale your business to any size.

But before you start building an empire, you need to lay a solid foundation. And the foundation for any good business is branding: having a great logo, a brand color scheme, and a set of brand values. You’ll need to stand apart from all the other ad networks out there, and having a clear vision of who you want to be when you begin your business is an essential building block to success.

How to Establish Your Brand on CPXcenter

Do you have a vision for your company? Do you have a logo, a color scheme, and a set of brand values? Great. CPXcenter’s customizable platform can now translate your vision into a reality.

1. Upload your logo:
To upload your logo, go to the “Company” tab at the top of the dashboard and click “Customize.” From here, see the menu at the left of the page, and click “Company Info.” Here you can change your logo, your browser icon, and write up your terms and conditions (another opportunity to let your brand personality shine through).

Your logo will be displayed on the top left corner of your screen. Be sure to use a high quality image, with a maximum size of 300 KB. Include a company icon too. Make sure that the icon is small and square. Icons with minimal letters and/or minimal images look the best.


2. Change the color of the theme to match your brand:
The login/sign up page of your new ad network will make an impression on your clients every time they log in to use your services, so it’s important to make this page look on-brand and professional. Try to choose colors that are complimentary to your brand/logo. Click on “Theme skin color” on the menu to the left. You can use specific color codes to get your login page looking exactly right, and use the “Update Preview” button to see what your design looks like before you “Save Changes.”

Choose different skins for your Advertiser and Affiliate areas as well to keep everything uniform and on-brand.


3. Create default ad banners promoting your ad network:
Sometimes there might be no matching campaigns for your publishers, and you can set your own default ads if this occurs. Advertise your own ad network with these ads by creating a set of default graphical banner ads and uploading them to your network.

Go to the “Default ad” tab on the left-hand menu and upload your own banners as the default ads.


4. Specialized cost metrics:
Through CPXcenter all cost metrics are available in any combination for a client’s campaign. However, you might choose to separate yourself from your competitors by focusing on certain types of online advertising, such as running only CPV/CPM ads. Ad networks can select which cost metrics to offer advertisers under the “Company” tab. Go to “Settings,” click “Continue at the bottom of the page, and change the types of ads and cost metrics that are available to your clients.

Once your brand is all set up and looking great, it’s time to attract advertisers and affiliates to your network.


See Part 2: Attracting Advertisers and Affiliates


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